Business Ethics, Art and Fishing

Makoto Fujimura writes beautiful and insightful posts. Mr. Fujimura is an artist whose work blends traditional Japanese methods and materials with modern sensibilities to create work that to me is timeless and powerfully emotive. His latest post is about fly fishing, the stock market and business ethics. I love his subtle and profound ways of describing things and arriving in a deep conversation.

I really appreciate the conversation about business ethics. I, too, believe that love can be the guiding principle of business, more than the bottom line. We are surrounded with the world of business and immerse our lives in the thought that the purpose of our lives is to make money. But greater than this is our call to love and business can be an expression of love to our employees, customers, suppliers and communities.

I work for an Amish construction company and I have seen first hand the ways a loving business can be conducted. Business is conducted more for the benefit of the employees and there is a wonderful network of relationships with the customers and suppliers. They hint at the possibilities of a church that lives the gospel.

Please take time to read Makoto Fujimura’s post – it is well worth the read.

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~ by Dale on December 12, 2008.

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