The Domestic Monastery Revisited

I was pointed to this post via Conversion Diary. I have longed for a place for contemplation and prayer. In the last year, as I have left industrial America, I have found a place of contemplation in my taxi van. I have called it my spiritual cave. Here I think and write, work and talk (on the phone, not to myself). It has been a great place for my spiritual life to develop. In all the busyness of driving a taxi for the Amish, I have down time that has given me the ability to reflect and pray.

What I enjoyed about this post about the Domestic Monastery is that it gave a certain validation to my way of life. It is not glamorous, nor even acceptable to some. But my Mobile Monastery is a sanctuary for spiritual growth and ministry. May I be found faithful with the gift that has been given to me.

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~ by Dale on December 31, 2008.

One Response to “The Domestic Monastery Revisited”

  1. My sactuary is in my car too! I commute to work and spend two hours in the car a day. I try to make the best of it.

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