The Celestine Prophecy and Multi-Dimensional Space

Unvarnished has a book review of the Celestine Prophecy, a philosophy wrapped up in an adventure story. I read the book many, many years ago and so my facts may not be totally on but I do remember that, like Donald Hester, I saw some truths in the book but ultimately it left me lacking. I could see their final premise being used to deny the unique nature and work of Jesus.

But what really got me excited about the article was that Donald mentions that we may be currently dwelling in something more than 3 dimensional space. Finally, someone who at least tackles some of the interesting and bold thoughts from a Christian mindset. Multidimensional reality has fascinated me for a couple of years now since I took a physics and a philosophy course in the same semester: powerful but mind-blowing. Out of this freshman introduction to the life of thought and the universe, I came to formulate some thoughts that I wanted to explore:

  1. If we do dwell in multidimensional (by which I mean greater than 3 dimensional) space, should our thought processes reflect that reality?
  2. If so, what does multidimensional thought look like? I have not taken a logic class but I wonder if there are logicians who may help with this question.
  3. Are there examples of multidimensional thoughts in the Christian canon? For years I have felt that 1 John does not have a totally linear thought pattern and have wondered if there were a better way of understanding John’s logic.
  4. Are there linguistic experts who are looking into multidimensional thought? Perhaps there are insights there that may help to understand 1 John.
  5. Can the worlds of mathematics and physics shed light on the linguistic questions?
  6. Do the arts intimate/ anticipate multidimensional thought? I have heard the idea that art works on “several levels” or “layers of meaning”.
  7. Can we develop a multidimensional theology that better reflects God’s will than our linear, enlightenment-driven theology?

These are ideas that I want to explore here in the coming weeks/ months as my brain and time allows me. Somehow I feel that if we can answer “Yes” to question 7, the result will be more fulfilling and meaningful than current theologies. Perhaps, it would provide a unity not seen before. Perhaps, it would be just another exercise in ego and speculation. Perhaps, perhaps but worth pursuing.

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~ by Dale on January 5, 2009.

3 Responses to “The Celestine Prophecy and Multi-Dimensional Space”

  1. Oh hey, I have a whole bunch more where that comes from. We should talk sometime. Try my post on eternal some time.

  2. Donald:
    Tried to search for your eternal post but couldn’t find. Definitely interested in talking.

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