Bible Maestros

Scot McKnight discusses at Out or Ur that Christians will follow one leader, whether Jesus, Paul, Calvin, Luther or Menno Simons. We invest ourselves in one view of Christian thought and dismiss all others. These he calls “Bible Maestros”.

I agree that we need to hear all the voices of the Bible and the Christian community in all its variety. The church would be richer and spiritually deeper if we could get past our own biases and listen to the Spirit through others.

I was reading Chesterton’s Orthodoxy and he talked about normal (vs. insane) humans being those who allow the world to be bigger than themselves. The mad construct a world that they are the king (or messiah) of. I fear that as we have maestros, we become somewhat insane. Listening to other voices makes us healthy spiritually (testing the spirits, of course.)

Scot writes a very good post that can help us escape our preconceived ideas of Scripture.

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~ by Dale on January 11, 2009.

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