Haiti in need

The Miami Herald has an article about the needs of Haiti. After the hurricanes and tropical storm, Haiti is in great need for humanitarian aid. At the same time, America is entering a very difficult time financially. Private donations for the needs of Haiti have dropped as Americans have turned inward to take care of their needs. I understand that most Americans have needed to tighten their belts in these times: we have had to make some cuts personally. But for all of our troubles, I would be hard pressed to find examples in the US that compare to the general situation in Haiti. Even as we are hurting, we need to remember that there are others who need our help more than we need it ourselves.

I have personally seen the situation in Haiti about five years ago during a time of relative peace and stability. I have only seen pictures and video of the current state of crisis. My imagination is not great enough to picture the suffering in Haiti. My parents, who are in their late sixties, are going to Haiti next week as part of a medical mission trip. They are not medically trained but will be serving in support capacities for the doctors and nurses who are going with them. I am proud of them for their willingness to step out and reach out to others in need. Their willingness to help is not something new: it is a part of their spiritual fabric. But this is their first mission trip after a lifetime of local missional living.

My parents are stepping out in these financial hard times, despite a fixed income, to reach to those who are much worse off than they are. Couldn’t we all use a little of their compassion to open our hearts to Haiti at this critical time? If you are not currently offering help to some charity currently or if you have cut back, please consider the needs of Haiti or another trouble spot. Please pray that God will send workers into the field.

Organizations that will get donations to Haiti:

Hands and Feet Project

Hands Together

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~ by Dale on January 21, 2009.

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