Growing up in a Mennonite church in NE Ohio formed me in ways that I am yet to understand completely. I greatly appreciate the heritage and spirituality of my youth. Yet it was at a Catholic youth renewal that my spiritual life began. Together this has created in me a great love of Christian mystics, justice and peace issues, and healing ministries. But likewise it has created in me a theology that must embrace paradox and ambiguity.

In my late teens and early 20’s, as I grew spiritually, I longed for the depth of spirituality that I saw in monastic life. Thus I fashioned my desire to be a “Mennonite monk”. Later I would marry a wonderful lady who fashioned herself a “Lutheran nun”. The monk and nun live in marital bliss.

My hopes for the blog are to reflect my spiritual journey, anticipate my future journey and provide a forum for others’ spiritual growth. May we grow into Christ as we grow together. I hope to cover a wide range of subjects such as: theology, philosophy, music, and books. Subject matter will range from Mennonite thought, Amish life, Catholic faith, the missional church, small church issues and the RC Lectionary. I’m sure there will other subjects that will come up but for now it is all I can think of.


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